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What’s The Number One Magical Wish That Thousands Of Little Girls Around The World Want?


Did you know that the ever popular Purplena Fairy has been the resident face painting fairy at Dreamworld (Australia’s largest theme park) for over 5 years?  Tens of thousands of children every year have connected with Purplena Fairy, asking questions and talking about fairies. Despite Purplena’s growing popularity and demand as a children’s entertainer, she continues to ask the same question over and over to little girls around the Globe: “If you had one magical fantasy wish, what would you wish for?"


The number one wish of little girls around the world, is to be a fairy or have a best friend that is a fairy!



After so many requests, and armed with a fountain of fairy knowledge, Purplena Fairy has been inspired to publish a series of children’s books about exactly that. What it's like to have your very own fairy best friend, how it feels to escape into a world of adventure and fantasy (and sometimes a little bit of trouble) when you discover your best friend is a fairy.



Here are just some of the magical adventures that Alexis has, when she becomes best friends with Purplena, and her friends - Belle and Daisy.


  • Can you imagine having a best friend who is a secret magical fairy? A best friend of your own who has magical powers? What would it be like if only "you" knew this magical secret?


  • Have you ever been the shy girl? Have you ever started a new school? Have you ever had someone say or do something that embarrasses you, or hurts your feelings? When Purplena rescues Alexis from the school bully, the girls instantly become great friends.


  • Purplena, Belle and Daisy are unlike any girls Alexis has ever met before.


  • Why do strange things keep happening when Purplena and her friends are around?


  • How can Purplena keep Alexis from finding out about her “fairy secret”?


  • Can a "real girl" and a "fairy" ever be best friends?


  • When fantasy and reality collide... SPARKLES are sure to fly!


So popular and anticipated that the September book launch sold out in less than one hour!!


My Best Friend is a Fairy! Is not just a children’s book.  The book has also been very popular with adults, who are young at heart. Parents who have read the book to their children have told Purplena they enjoyed reading it too!


With So Many Fairy Story Books on the Market What Makes This Book So Different?


Well, firstly, a real fairy wrote it. TRUE! Purplena has enchanted thousands of children for many years, with insights into the magical fairy realm. Along the way, countless other questions have been asked, such as: What do fairies eat? Where do fairies sleep? What happens to the teeth that the tooth fairy takes away? All these answers have been incorporated within the series (The Adventurers of Purplena and Friends) which will total 7 books when completed.


Also, Do You Want To Help Children In Need?


Purplena actively supports various children's based charities and organizations that share her passion for children's health and well being. For the first book in the series, My Best Friend is a Fairy! the international organisation Radio Lollipop has been selected as the supported charity. Profit proceeds from all book sales are being partnered and currently being donated directly to Radio Lollipop Brisbane (Mater Children’s Hospital) to assists their work with sick children in hospital.




“Excellent book, my daughter loved it. Well written and perfect for young girls. She is eagerly awaiting the next book!!!

Keith Graham Author

  "A Pov's Guide to Overseas Travel"
"A Pov's Guide to Engagements and Weddings" 


“Great read would recommend to any young person. Looking forward to the next book in the series.”

Jodie De Aspley
"Thanks so much to Purplena Fairy from Dreamworld, for our lovely personally signed fairy book: My Best Friend is a Fairy! (The Adventures of Purplena & Friends - book 1) By M.M.Tornatore.

Love from Katie & Lucy - Sugar Sisters. Big Brother Australia 2013. Channel 9. Dreamworld.
I thought your book was very interesting because there were great characters.
My favourite fairy is Purplena because she is so pretty and nice to everyone. Daisy was funny even when she got into trouble she was still making jokes.  I also like Alexis because I could relate to her. My favourite scene was in the forest near the stream because it sounded so beautiful. The only thing I would like to see more pictures in, other than that your book was great.

Zianna. (8) Gold Coast QLD Australia

Read the first book, in this magical and unique children’s series of books to your child now, and watch their excitement as you both reveal the secrets and wonder within the pages of this book. Lose yourself within the story of My Best Friend is a Fairy! Today!! Click here to download your copy right now from Amazon


Your help is needed! Radio Lollipop non profit Children’s Organisation can only help sick children in Hospitals from donations. Profits from My Best Friend is a Fairy book sales are jointly shared with Radio lollipop Brisbane.Click here for your support and help:


Ps Available now in paperback and kindle version worldwide via however for a limited time My Best Friend is a Fairy! Will be sold exclusively at Dreamworld. (Australia’s Largest Theme Park) via their magical retail outlet - FairyTale Treasures.


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M.M. Tornatore lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with her husband Sam, and 4 (almost grown up) children. She is an author and internationally trained artist. M.M. She has always loved the magical world of fairies.….. and her favourite colour is PURPLE, of course!